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River Silt Cleaning System

River channel sedimentation has increasingly affected normal play of various functions of the flood control, drainage, irrigation, water supply, shipping, etc. River dredging engineering is necessary for restore normal function of the riverway, promote rapid sustainable development of economic society. By governance, the riverway will become deeper, wider, water will change clearer, and the production conditions and living environment of mass will be improved significantly, achieve the goal of "clear water, free-flowing river, green shore, and beautiful landscape".

River Silt Cleaning System River Silt Cleaning System

Mud cleaning system produced by TangShan DaChuan Machinery is suitable for all kinds of dredging projects, such as lake dredging, pond river dredging, reservoir dredging project, municipal pipeline dredging, water stations dredging, enterprise slag settling pond dredging, drainage sewage dredging projects and so on.

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