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General knowledge of desilter


The desilter is the third class equipment of the whole solid control system. It is used to deal with the solid phase with diameter of 15-44um, and to ensure a better treatment of the handled drilling mud in the next step. DC CNQ brand desilter is constructed by swirler with diameter 4" or 5", it is an important part of well drilling, pipeline crossing and mud cleaning system.
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The installation and check of desilter

Put the desilter base horizontally and use 4 pressing plates to fix the desilter base on a suitable place of the tank. Take a note that the outlet of screen box should be 20-30mm out of the tank.
Connect the inlet and outlet holes by hose or steel tube. The inlet pipe should be suit with outlet pipe.
Loose the 4 vibration bolts. When transport, use the pressure bolts.
Check whether there is any loosening of all the bolts, check whether the vibration rotating axis is smooth, if there is any noise or fault, the problem should be solved on time. After reconfirmation that all things are OK, the equipment can be start to work.
Connect the belt of motor and power, check whether the rotating direction of motor is correct.

The operation of desilter

Start the small shale shaker firstly, then, turn on the desilter. Check whether the exhaust pressure can match the requirements and check the effect of desilting, check whether there is a phenomenon of leaking.
Check whether the rotating direction of motor is consistent with the arrowhead on the shield. If not, the sand can not piped out by shale shaker.
Check whether the pressure gage works in a allowed pressure range.
Adjust the bottom flow nuts to make the bottom flow jets out like an umbrella.
When stop the operation, the drilling fluid in the swirler should be cleaned to avoid solidification and freeze. Clean the shaker screen and check each part.

The maintenance of desilter

Check and confirm the connect and seal parts.
Check the cyclone cylinder to see the jet situation and pressure.
Repair or change the damaged, leaking or abraded cyclone cylinder.
Check whether the jet nozzle is broken. Check the inside of the cyclone cylinder, if need, change some damaged parts.
Clean the feed head.
The locking bolts of screen box must be removed before using, if the desilter is new or used for the first time after transportation.
When stop using for a long time, the swirler should be cleaned clearly, avoid stockpile of sand inside the equipment.
The lubricating grease should be injected into the vibration motor every 1500-2500 hours. The volume to be injected each time is 5-10ml.
When stop using, the shaker screen should be cleaned to avoid solidification of sand to guarantee the use in the future.